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Domestic Refrigeration

The refrigerator is often the most inconvenient appliance to break—and the most dangerous. You need a fast and quality fridge repair service if you hope to save those meats, dairy products and other perishables from going off. Just a few hours without proper refrigeration can completely spoil some foods and cause serious illness if consumed. At Maak-Dit-Reg we repair all models and brands of fridges in Pretoria, Centurion, Midrand and Northern Johannesburg. When your fridge experiences problems such as ice forming on the back of the fridge, water underneath the veggie draws, or any other issue, let us take care of it. We are ready to receive your call!

Domestic Refrigeration Product Overview

Double/Single door thermostats
Schraeder valves with copper tail
Pencil Driers
fan Motors

Common Fridge Problems

If you’ve noticed problems with your fridge, we encourage you to take fast action. The sooner you identify and resolve the issue, the less likely further damages will occur.

Turn to our technicians if you come across any of the following:

Frost building up in back of the fridge may indicate that your fridge needs refrigerant (gas)

If your refrigerator tripping the power it could be various problems causing it – from a faulty compressor to a defrost element.  You would need to book a service appointment to get a professional diagnosis.

If you find water underneath your vegetable draws, your fridge needs a service as the outlet pipe could be blocked.

Your fridge is defrosting and needs to be looked at by a technician as the compressor is most likely broken.  There could be other causes, but the technician would first have to do a diagnostic test to find the problem.

You might need a new fridge gasket or your fridge door is not sealing properly.

Help your fridge make cool to it’s full potential by scheduling a service with On Spot Repairs. Our professional service and repair technicians can keep your refrigerator in peak condition for the all year-round cooling you need.

Comercial Refrigeration

Our product offerings are available for the full Commercial Industry, we carry a broad range of products and specialized units. We pride ourselves to ensure the highest of quality at all times and service excellence. We are constantly ensuring that all our products meet the market requirements to our South African customers.

Comercial Refrigeration Product Overview

Blower Coils/Evaporators
Air-cooled Condensers (undressed)
Base plates
Compressors 2hp – 7hp with electric box
Driers - 15g
Oil separator- {1 1/8” ,7/8”, 1/2”}
Suction accumulator – {1 1/8”,5/8”,7/8”}
Solenoid valves with coil- {3/8”,1/2”}
Sight glass- {1/4,5/8,3/8,1/2}
Hp/Lp Switches(Auto/Manual)
Fin coils
Fan Blades & Motors
Latches' & Strikes
Expansion Valves
F2000 Thermostat
Dial Thermometers
Orifice 0-8

What are some of the reasons you should trust our team?

To us at On Spot Repairs, professionalism and reliability are critical. We cannot always fix an exact time of arrival, but we notify our clients that we are on our way 30 minutes before turning up.

At On Spot Repairs we always quote our clients before commencing with the job.

We are flexible when it comes to scheduling an appointment and we can accommodate your schedule. Although we do not like to fix arrival times, if prior arrangement is made we can keep to a specific time. We also call after hours or weekends and public holidays should it be necessary.

When it comes to finding a refrigeration repair company you can trust on your premises, On Spot Repairs meets all the qualifications. Not only do we uphold a “leave no trace” commitment, but we also make sure only to employ highly qualified, dependable professionals. From cold drink fridges to walk-in freezers, we can take care of it all. Most importantly, we understand that there is no convenient time for your appliance to break down or perform poorly. That is why our team of expert technicians are standing by to provide the exceptional quality service you deserve.

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